Many years ago, as a child visiting my aunt Teresa, then a nurse in San Francisco, I proclaimed my intention to be a physician. Over the years, many things changed, but medicine kept coming back as my path. In 2004, I completed my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. This medicine was not a mistake for me; it was not my second choice. I did not become a naturopath because I wanted to be a real doctor but just didn't have it in me. I choose this medicine because it was the hardest path to choose, and I'm a sucker for a challenge. I choose this medicine because it gave me incredible freedom, and I don't like to be contained. I choose this medicine because I love to teach and see the ultimate power in healthcare comes from understanding the processes of health and disease. I choose this medicine so I could take the time to really help you help yourself.

Patients whom have worked with me remark about the level of education provided them during our visits.  I like my whiteboard and want patients to feel like they have all they need to make the best choices for themselves. I have never seen my role as a doctor to be synonomous as a dictator. Instead, I see my greatest role to be that of DOCERE - doctor AS teacher. This is where the magic lies. 

It's a common theme in my office to talk about the history of healthcare and lament about the disease maintenance direction "healthcare" has taken. That is why I scoff at the idea of "standard of care". Why would I choose to practice in a model where the patient's care is set at a standard that is really all about the maintenance of diseases and not at all about the CARE of health? Well, for many years I have tried to fit into this model. I convinced myself that somehow this was the humble, accessible choice. But alas, I've found vast limitations in this system...mostly that it limits all access and affordability to healthCARE and prioritizes keeping patients from not getting worse but also not getting better.

Unfortunately, after more than 16 years in practice, the need to change my practice model has become apparent. It's time for my business model to better work in  tandem with my practice model. That is, to be able to provide you with the very best in care and attention.

In order to adequately cover the costs of practicing, I would need to limit my face to face time with patients. This would mean 20-30 min max when first meeting a patient and 10-15 minutes for follow up. Eliminating my insurance contracts allows me to devote the time needed to really help you to understand your health and be provided ample opportunity to engage in and truly direct your health care.

This move allows me to provide you with customized care of your health; it allows you and I to partner in a way that empowers you to be the reign holder of your health. This is the time you need to learn how to be in the driver seat of your own healthCARE.

I welcome you to come inside. Explore how I can help you help you. Imagine the possibilities that await you when you provide yourself a chance for true, honest health care. I look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey.

In peace and health,
Dr. Katie