As I watch my community struggle with this new normal and the uncertainty of what will be, it seems only appropriate to offer care where it may be needed. For this reason, I've created BridgeCARE. This is meant to serve several purposes:

  • In some cases, this healthCARE bridge might help someone to get the refills they need or the acute care they are looking for.
  • For others, this is the chance to explore this side of healthCARE and see if it is a fit for them. 

While my office is only available via secure "virtual clinic" (aka telemedicine) during this time, I have created some space to serve new patients who, during this time, find themselves in need of compassionate medical care for either acute or chronic conditions. Availability for this service is limited. If you are interested in being added to the list, please click the link below. If you would like information about fees and programs you can find information below as well as on the page "BridgeCARE". We will contact you for more information as well as with our availability. Visit fees are reduced to further help ease the burden.
BridgeCARE Fees

Please note, that if billing insurance (Regence/Uniform) only, regular billing practices will be followed. The same is true for patients who wish to submit for out of network coverage. These visits are billed at full price and subject to all of the normal rules of billing. The following is intended for: those without medical coverage; those with high-deducible insurance without the means to cover their expenses; those who are unable to access their routine care due to the current crisis. 
  • Gap-Coverage for Medication Refills: $65.00
  • Acute Care: $75.00
  • New Patient (exploring/establishing care): $150.00

I am also offering a Supplement Review visit, also know as "What the hell should I be taking Doc?". This is for anyone, regardless of who they see for medical care. This is a cash visit and is not billable to insurance regardless of network coverage.
  • Supplement Review: $50.00
I am ready to learn how to step into the driver's seat of my healthCARE.
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Dr. Katie Shaff
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor