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How do you SEE me?

Currently all appointments are being held via telemedicine.

  • If you are a current patient of Dr. Katie's (meaning that you have seen her at a previous practice in the past year), please call our office and leave a message, Your call will be returned.
    • Appointment link will be available soon.
  • If you are a new patient to Dr. Katie's practice, please click the contact link below and our office will contact you.
  • New Consult with Plan: $500.00

    Average Visit is 60-90 minutes face to face with 30 minute follow up to review recommendations and ensure all questions are answered. 
  • Follow Up: $150.00

    30-45 minutes
  • Brain Pick: $300.00 per hour - 30 min minimum 
    links, handouts, or basic information will be provided but no recommendations or treatment plans


If you are ready to be in the driver seat of your healthcare we will send you our FREE toolkit:
Conquering Quarantine - Keys to WELLness during COVID-19

Dr. Katie Shaff
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